About Enchanted Flowers

And just so you know…

I love flowers! Love the colours, textures and the feel of them, the fragrance, unusual shapes, everything! Anyone who knows me will tell you I love colour, the brighter the better!

I probably first fell in love with flowers at thirteen, when my Dad introduced me to my first Saturday job in Clacton,Essex with florists Grace Collins and Edna Sparks. I couldn’t have worked for two nicer ladies and I stayed there until leaving school. After moving to Suffolk with my family I eventually secured my first florist job and went onto gain City & Guilds qualifications. I gained valuable experience in competitions and at workshops, plus a trip to Holland where I visited Aalsmeer, the famous Dutch flower auctions, something I will never forget and recommend everyone add to their Bucket List! I worked for several excellent florists until a change in direction took me into mainstream retail during which time I was able to further my knowledge and love for art, which translates perfectly via my floristry today.

Moving to our current home in the fens proved something of a joy, inheriting a garden full of exciting plants and foliage, not to mention the country flora and fauna surrounding us, and I soon realised I wanted to resume my career in floristry. So Enchanted Flowers was borne and my husband, family and friends supported me in any way they could. Bill designed and built me a super bijoux workshop which I easily filled to bursting point almost instantly with my collection of gorgeous vases and containers, ribbons and textiles, work benches, tools and equipment.

I was ready to rock and roll!

Finally, some words about my inspirations; the styles that really bring out the romantic in me and send my creative mind soaring, are those entwined in medieval history mixed with the fairytales and woodland influences of today combined. Who wouldn’t want to live in the delightful home of Bilbo Baggins with its glorious rounded door and entrance nestled in the hillside of the Shires? Or walk with the fairies in their secret and magical forests?

These mysterious times, to me tell colourful tales of love and passion, power and spirit, with battles fought beneath epic castles with handsome knights riding majestic horses amidst chaos, and conjure images full of drama, in rich jewel colours and textures and it just doesn’t get any better than that for design inspiration!!

Having said all that! you on the other hand may wish to be defined by more modest, elegant designs, you might prefer the slightly wilder shades of rustic and contemporary bohemian, or revel in the dramatic styles such as burlesque and Victoriana, but whatever your desire… I LOVE THE CHALLENGE OF A THEME!! and it will be my absolute pleasure to bring to life your vision, creating your perfect floral designs for a most treasured occasion.

This is what we florists love about our jobs, never knowing what’s next around the corner…